Nadia was born and raised in Lake Como, Italy,
now located in Los Angeles, CA.

P E R S O N A L   B I O :
 Music and Art have always been my passions since I was child,
they were my way to escape from reality.
When I wasn't drawing the copy of the Mona Lisa ( for real ) I used to spend my time playing with a little radio, almost obsessed with changing the stations to find my favorite tunes. I still do that.
The nightmare started after my parents gave me a Karaoke machine for Christmas at the age of 9...oh boy... you would not have seen me around anymore!
I spent every day playing with it, trying to record my version of "Imagine”
from John Lennon (I swear I probably recorded that song 150 times!) getting pissed off for the limitations of using two tapes....maybe that's why I got into Pro Tools with such an enthusiasm.
Anyway...I spent my adolescence hanging out in the punk scene of my small town and learned to play first band was all girls, rock noise disaster but that's ok, we were hair and purple clothes,the dream of every parent. 
I worked with several bands but just in 2004 I decided to start my own project so I grabbed my guitar and started to write my songs, in Italian at first, then in English.
I moved to L.A. in 2007 and recorded my EP "Bad Story”,
I don't know how to define it, rock, pop, with some country vibe...whatever you want...
it's just my music.

      Nadia Lanfranconi